Empowering Ladies With Food: Our Bodily Well being

Empowering Ladies With Food: Our Bodily Well being

When people ask what I do, I tell them I help girls with nervousness, diabetes and vitality slumps flip their moods, remodel their health, and skyrocket their energy… to allow them to give attention to work and household as a substitute of well being problems.

But lately we’ve been hearing about empowering women, a beautiful trend. And it has me wondering whether I can – whether or not I do – empower girls by means of food.

This brief submit touches on physical well being issues in ladies and how food will help forestall or reverse them.

Are Women’s Key Well being Issues Meals-Associated?

Some of the primary health problems with concern to ladies are heart illness, cancers (lung and breast cancers are the highest 2), diabetes, hypertension, obstructive lung diseases, flu and pneumonia, and kidney disease. Of course, there are others.

Of the illnesses above, the ones that may be thought-about food-related are the metabolic situations: heart illness, breast most cancers, diabetes, and hypertension. All of those have been proven to have their roots in insulin resistance. Helping girls reverse these conditions with food and exercise is a specialty of mine, and I have a strong track report of doing so.

(Even colds and flu may be thought-about meals-related to the degree that meals will either support the immune system or derail it.)

Another health concern for pregnant ladies is – or needs to be – autism of their babies. The danger of autism is vastly elevated if the mother-to-be has one or more of the metabolic conditions listed above, and/or excessive cholesterol, high triglycerides or polycystic ovary syndrome.

Does Changing Weight loss plan Help Reverse Metabolic Conditions?

Most health info states that weight loss will result in reversal of metabolic conditions. And sure, weight loss can and can completely help.

But how great is it that simply eating in a different way can set the changes in movement – even before the weight loss occurs?

My strategy focuses on setting metabolic changes in motion AND making them stick. To the degree that I show ladies the best way to eat in a manner that can reverse insulin resistance and its related diseases, I like with the ability to say that my work can and does empower women.